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Schau Dir Angebote von Lightrooom auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Starte den Adobe DNG Converter, indem du auf das entsprechende Symbol doppelklickst. Du kannst auch einzelne Bilder oder einen Ordner mit Bildern direkt auf das Symbol des Adobe DNG Converter ziehen. Dadurch wird der Converter automatisch gestartet. Wähle den Ordner mit den Bildern aus, die du in DNG konvertieren möchtest No sweat! Just select your photos in the Library module. Then go to the Library menu at the top and choose Convert Photos to DNG. You'll get the usual DNG conversion dialog where you choose your options and you're good to go Sie können Ihre Bilder direkt beim Import in Lightroom ins DNG-Format konvertieren lassen. Auch ohne Lightroom können Sie mit einem kostenlosen DNG-Konverter die Fotos umwandeln: Suchen Sie nach DNG Konverter und laden Sie sich die aktuelle Datei auf den Rechner Adobe DNG Converter wurde zuletzt am 08.12.2020 aktualisiert und steht Ihnen hier in der Version 13.1 zum Download zur Verfügung. Die CHIP Redaktion sagt: Mit dem DNG Converter ermöglicht Adobe..

If you buy a new camera, but choose not to upgrade Photoshop or Lightroom to the latest release at the same time, converting the raw files to DNG using the latest free standalone DNG Converter allows you to open those files with your older versions. The DNG Converter may need to be updated before it will convert the latest camera's files, and you'll need to make sure that the compatibility is set to a version that Photoshop or Lightroom can understand Der kostenlose Adobe DNG Converter wandelt im RAW-Format aufgenommene Fotos per Stapelverarbeitung in das Adobe-Format DNG um Converting to DNG in Lightroom takes time, I don't get much benefit back from taking that extra time and so for me and my workflow, it just doesn't make sense. None of the big three camera makers adopted the .DNG format Only a handful of smaller companies did, so it never really caught on like it would have if they had all gotten on board. I don't share files with other users where I. Die Unterschiede zwischen den beiden Formaten (verlustfreies und verlustreiches DNG) sind je nach Bild kleiner oder etwas grösser - aber immer noch vernachlässigbar. Beim Bild mit der Fassade eines Hochhauses zeigt sich bei der verlustreichen DNG-Konvertierung eine minim gröbere Körnung im Bereich der Betonelemente. Aber auch hier sind es - wenn Sie durch Klick auf die Vorschaubildchen die Grossansicht aktivieren - 1:1-Ausschnitte aus einem Bild von effektiv 1.2 Metern.

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First, import the CR2 files you want to convert to DNG format by selecting Import Photos and Video in the File menu of Adobe Lightroom. That action will bring a dialog box where you can select your files' source and confirm by pressing the Import button at the bottom of the dialog box Select all the photos that you want to convert to DNG and choose Library > Convert photos to DNG. Step 3. This will open up a dialogue box with the following options: Only convert Raw files - with this option selected, Lightroom will only convert native camera Raw files to DNG. If you leave it unchecked, Lightroom will convert other file formats to DNG, including tiff, png and jpeg. These file types will not benefit from being converted to DNG so it's just a waste of time The DNG converter is an independent, standalone program. You run it first and convert your images to the DNG format, and then simply import the DNG files to Lightroom. One way I like to use it is as the download software, using the SD card As the source and a folder on the hard drive as the destination. Then the conversion is done during the transfer from the card to the computer. Here is the link to the latest version

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  1. This is a very useful tool if you do not own Lightroom. The Adobe DNG Converter is free and is very easy to use. It provides you with all the same options as described above. Heres how to use the Adobe DNG Converter
  2. Convert Mobile DNG to lrtemplate or XMP Convert Mobile DNG to lrtemplate or XMP. Did you know you can convert your mobile filters and presets from DNG format into regular Lightroom Presets that you can use on your computer
  3. This photo retouching tool has a feature that you can use to convert a RAW format of a wide range of camera brands to a DNG format. How to export images to DNG in Lightroom. On the Library mode, select an image you want to convert to DNG and click the Export button. You can select multiple images in case you want to convert multiple images at once
  4. This means that I can shoot RAW with a Sony a7R II, convert the ARW to DNG in Lightroom and still open this DNG and edit it in Capture One. This is new for Capture One 20 as — like the article mentions — previous Capture One versions only supported DNG when it was the native RAW format of the camera (e.g. Leica). This is great news as now I can shoot uncompressed images on my Sony a7R IV.
  5. Lightroom DNG to XMP Converter. Upload .dng file. Preset Name
  6. It is easy to convert a DNG to JPG file in Adobe Lightroom. When you want to batch convert DNG to JPG files in Lightroom, you can do as the following paragraphs show. Step 1: Open your DNG images with Lightroom. From the File list, choose Export to get a new window. Step 2: Choose Burn Full-sized JPEGs under Lightroom Presets in the left panel. In the Export To list, select Hard Drive as the.

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Lightroom is basically Bridge and ACR puréed into one beautiful interface. But don't convert your files to DNG just yet! Bookmark this article, come back to it in a year or so once you really. At the bottom is a check box that includes convert to DNG. It doesn't work for Canon CR3 files. It works for other RAW files, though, such as RAW files from my Olympus E-M1 mark ii

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  1. Im oberen Drittel des Menüs seht ihr die Rubrik: DNG-Erstellung importieren. Dort findet ihr die Voreinstellungen für den Import und wie Lightroom die Konvertierung vornimmt. Ihr könnt eure Bilder nämlich bereits beim Import von der Kamera automatisch in DNG umwandeln
  2. Lightroom Desktop: Convert to DNG With the release of Lightroom CC, there is a real opportunity here to use DNG as the default format (or at least an option) in Lightroom. If Sensei had the ability to learn from a single file format, I bet it would be a lot easier
  3. g one at that
  4. g one at that. You can convert to DNG either at import, or later, once they are in Lightroom. But in either case, to convert to DNG also takes up a great amount of CPU power. If your RAW files are large, the time consumed can also.
  5. Now to get to the point — Panorama and HDR DNG files in Lightroom are linear format images stored in a DNG container. The 'Enhance Details' feature is an advanced method of demosaicing Bayer files. So you can only use it on Bayer images such as manufacturer RAW files and Bayer DNGs (like those you get when you convert your RAW files to DNGs). You cannot apply it to HDR/Panorama images as they have already been demosaiced

Adobe Employee 10 months ago The good news is that you don't need to convert! Lightroom for Android allows importing directly, both of the older.lrtemplate and the newer.xmp (for both presets and profiles). Furthermore, you can import a zip file to get a bunch of presets all at once : I know it can be converted into DNG file via Adobe Lightroom CC or CLassic Desktop Full Version but I am only using a trial version ;(Btw, thanks for your reply. Appreciate it . As I said before, you can't convert a preset (which is a text file) to DNG (which is an image file format). You can't even save custom presets in Lightroom Mobile as far as I know Du wandelst deine RAW-Dateien in das DNG-Format um, das ist ein offener RAW-Standard und kann problemlos von älteren Lightroom oder Photoshop Versionen gelesen werden. Die beste Methode ist der kostenlose DNG Converter von Adobe, dieser wird stetig aktualisiert und unterstützt somit immer die aktuellen Kameramodelle

Lightroom bzw. der Adobe DNG-Konverter bietet die Möglichkeit, bei der Umwandlung in DNG die original RAW-Datei einzubetten. Die Originaldaten bleiben somit erhalten. Wie man das Original wieder aus dem DNG-Container extrahiert, ist Thema dieses Tutorials When raw files from your camera are converted to DNG, they are converted to a universal standard through a process that Adobe has developed to best interpret the data in your CR2 (or NEF, etc. DNG is an open-source Raw file format created by Adobe. Each time you convert a file to DNG in Lightroom Classic, it adds something called Fast Load Data to the file. It's a partially processed preview that allows Lightroom Classic to render any previews much faster in the Develop module

Converting to DNG changes the raw data Whenever you open a raw image in Camera Raw/Lightroom the raw data is internally converted to the DNG format regardless of whether the file being read is a.. Lightroom makes it easy to convert your raw files into DNG but it?s not exactly a free process if you value time. DNG conversion takes a large amount of CPU power and processing time especially if you have large raw files. For a couple photos, this isn?t an issue but if you have thousands? You?ll be waiting even longer to process your photos. The fastest way to get your photos into Lightroom. As long as the lens formula is unchanged, changes of the coating will bring minimal changes of the lens character. Slightly more or less contrast, a warmer or cooler color rendering and of course flare control, that is it. Resolution the same, bokeh the same, aberrations the same, etc Converting files to DNG in Lightroom Classic The easiest way to convert your Raw files to DNG is to do it when you import them into Lightroom Classic. Make sure you go to the File Handling tab in Preferences and tick the Embed Fast Load Data box (below), otherwise you will miss out on the speed increase that DNG gives you Lightroom hat einen eingebauten RAW-Konverter und kann mit nahezu jedem marktüblichen RAW-Format umgehen. Manchmal kommen neue Kameramodelle auf den Markt, mit verändertem RAW-Format, was zur Folge hat, dass Lightroom erst aktualisiert werden muss, bevor es mit den Dateien etwas anfangen kann

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Step 1: Import DNG Files into Lightroom. First, you have to import the DNG files into Lightroom. This process is the same as how you would normally import new photos and folders. If you don't know how, please follow these steps: Library > Folders > Add folder > Impor Learn how to convert your raw images to the dng file format using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic. Free video tutorial for those ready to make this change . This website or its third-party tools use cookies which are necessary to its functioning and required to improve your experience. By clicking the consent button, you agree to allow the site to use, collect and/or store cookies. This site. Stelle sicher, dass du Lightroom Classic installiert hast. Schließe es, falls es ausgeführt wird. Installiere LRTimelapse über den mitgelieferten Installer, dieser installiert LRTimelapse und alle benötigten Lightroom-Addons automatisch. Lade den neuesten Adobe DNG Converterherunter und installiere ihn Ein Hallo in die Gemeinde, ich fotografiere seit ca. 2Wochen mit der neuen EM1 Mark III. Da ich mit Photoshop Lightroom 6 bearbeite und ungern die Abo-Version kaufen möchte, muss ich die Olympus RAW Dateien über den DNG-Converter in das adobetaugliche DNG-RAW wandeln. Dabei ist mir aufgefallen, d.. Achtung: Das Rendering von linearen DNG-Dateien in DxO PhotoLab weicht leicht vom Rendering von TIFF-Dateien ab. Exportieren zu Lightroom: 1. Wählen Sie die Datei oder Dateien aus, die Sie gerade in DxO PhotoLab verarbeitet haben. 2. Klicken Sie rechts in der Werkzeugleiste im Bild-Browser auf Export zu Lightroom. 3. Wählen Sie im daraufhin angezeigten Dialogfeld das Ausgabeformat sowie alle damit verbundenen Optionen (Komprimierung, Tiefe, ICC-Profil usw.)

If I save from Lightroom in the DNG format, with edits, is it guaranteed to look identical in ON1, Capture1, Luminar, etc? Nope, not at all. In fact it's guaranteed to not work. LR edits are only valid in LR and Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop. None of those other programs have access to Adobe's proprietary algorithms that actually implement each edit. There is very little benefit to converting. Für ein nativ aus der Kamera erzeugtes dng braucht keiner den Adobe DNG Konverter. Dein Wundertool liest ohnehin zu 99 % nur das eingebettete jpg aus dem nativen dng und nicht mehr. Da kann ich. I convert with Adobe DNG converter for some things. My old LR does not handle Sony RAW, so use the converter for it. Very happy with it, esp for free! Otherwise keep RAW on the SD cards that are used as a film negative and TIFF or hi res JPEG on HDD and M-Disc DVD. If you keep SD cards like film, charge them up every 5 or 6 years. They say they. Ich kann nur jedem , der eine neuere Kamera (E-M1mk3, E-M1X) hat und mit Lightroom 6.14 weiter arbeiten will, empfehlen, mal den DNG-Converter auszuprobieren. Er liefert wie gesagt die neuesten Camera-Profile und Lens-Profile mit. Wer skeptisch ist kann die Ergebnisse (TIF) ja jederzeit mit neueren Bildverarbeitungsprogrammen vergleichen

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Der kostenlose DNG Converter wandelt praktisch alle RAW-Dateien ins DNG- Format um. Anzeige Verwandeln Sie Ihre RAW-Dateien auch ohne Lightroom oder Bridge ins DNG-Format - ganz kostenlos Wandeln Sie Ihre dng-Dateien online & kostenlos in jpg um. Bildkonverter. Dateien wählen. Dateien wählen. Dateien hierhin und ablegen. 100 MB maximale dateigröße oder Registrieren. Bild. Dokument Sie können das Bildformat jedoch mit anderen Adobe-Produkten wie Adobe Lightroom, DNG Converter und mehr von CR2 auf DNG ändern. F4: Wie finde ich CR2-Bilder aus Ihrer Bildbibliothek? Vor der Konvertierung von CR2 in DNG können Sie mit einem RAW-Bildbetrachter CR2- und andere RAW-Bilder öffnen und organisieren, z WidsMob Viewer pro , Faststone Image Viewer , IrfanView, FastRawViewer und mehr DNG files are also much better for converting to black and white than JPEG files. Black and white shooters will appreciate the ability to process their own Raw files and not rely on the camera's software to do it. Here's a black and white version of the opening photo that I made using Lightroom for conversion. What you need to know . The important thing you need to know is that, at the. Adobe Dng Converter Vs Lightroom. As a result, pretty much the only software that can read all that proprietary metadata is provided by the manufacturer, such as Nikon's Capture NX or Canon's DPP. And none of the manufacturer software is capable of reading DNG files, yet alone properly extract and read the metadata from those Adobe-converted DNG files! Free online army war games. Adobe Dng.

Using your favorite Lightroom Presets is one thing, but being able to use them on-the-go is a whole new level. Today we're going to show you how to convert your custom Adobe Lightroom Presets to DNG files so that you can use them on your mobile device! Learn how to create mobile presets for the Lightroom CC app 1. Sony ARW file imported as-is into Lightroom Classic (i.e. no conversion to DNG) In the Develop module the crop as set in-camera is shown, i.e. cropped to 4:3. The crop setting shows as As shot. That's fine. 2. Sony ARW file converted to DNG with the Adobe DNG converter, the resulting DNG is imported into Lightroom Classic

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I am new to LR3 and have decided to convert RAW images to DNG on import. However, I have about 8000 or so JPEG images that I have brought in to LR and I am on the fence as to whether to leave them in JPEG format or to convert them to DNG. I know DNG will take up more space and I think I can live with that. The question is how much is gained by. Got a R6 and would like to continue shooting raw, but do not want to pay Adobe's annual fee. I still use older version of Lightroom. I think this mean I need to convert CR3 to either dng or tiff. I've installed latest DPP4 multiple times, on multiple hard drives - internal and external. Am gettin.. Unlike Lightroom, DNG Converter is completely free. It should be noted that DNG actually means Digital Negative Converter where Digital Negative is Adobe's terminology for RAW image. Usage of the program is not difficult and involves selecting a folder where image files to be converted are located Adobe bringt neuen DNG Converter und Camera Raw, sowie Lightroom 5.2 heraus! Camera Raw 8.2 ist jetzt als finale Version für Photoshop CS6 und Photoshop CC verfügbar. Neben der Unterstützung von neuen Kameramodellen und Objektiven diverser Hersteller, gibt es auch einige neue Features. Zu den Neuerungen von Camera Raw zählen ein interaktives Histogramm, Voreinstellungen für den.

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Do You Have To Pay For Lightroom To Use Presets. Como Instalar Presets Lightroom De Mi Desktop. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 2019. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 5. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 6. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom Cc. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom Cc 2018. The Lightroom Queen explains how to make Lightroom apply lossy or lossless DNG compression to raw files (including DNGs) that are in your photo library: Select the images. (This means LR can only do this one folder at a time.) Go to Library menu > Convert Photos to DNG... [not a memorable command name for this purpose] In the dialog, pick: Only convert RAW files [that includes DNGs] Delete. Download Preset Lightroom 5 Wedding Gratis. Como Instalar Presets Lightroom De Mi Desktop. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 2019. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 5. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom 6. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom Cc. Como Instalar Presets No Lightroom Cc 2018. Converting to DNG after import. I always prefer to convert my raw photos to DNG at the end of a photo shoot rather than convert them at the import stage. When I am busy in the studio this can easily save an hour or more of computer processing time, which is important because time (as we all know) is money. You can do this by going to the Library menu and choosing Convert Photos to DNG.

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(This is different than converting a Raw to DNG within Lightroom: Library > Convert Photo to DNG. There's no need to do that since all you want is a transport container, not to alter the image's original format.) Click on the Export button in Lightroom and choose Export to DNG from the Presets list on the left side of the dialog. Then specify the settings just like you would for any other. Any conversion to DNG in Lightroom 1.4 (Windows Only) would cause the DNG file to become unreadable by Lightroom's Develop Module or Camera Raw 4.4 in Photoshop. The issue has been corrected and files can be converted to DNG again in order to resolve the issue for existing files. Returning to the original native raw files is not necessary. For Lightroom customers who would like to use the new support provided for the Olympus cameras, download the DNG Converter release candidate and convert your raw files to DNG before importing them into Lightroom 1.4.1 Step 3: Save Presets In Lightroom. At this point all of your DNG files should be in the new album you created in Lightroom Mobile. Now you just need to go through each file and save it as a preset to use later. Go into the album containing your newly imported DNG files. Open the first file: Tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right of the screen and then tap on Create Preset: Next you will see. Lightroom makes it easy to convert your raw files into DNG but it?s not exactly a free process if you value time. DNG conversion takes a large amount of CPU power and processing time especially if you have large raw files. For a couple photos, this isn?t an issue but if you have thousands? You?ll be waiting even longer to process your photos. The fastest way to get your photos into Lightroom is to simply add them

Adobe Lightroom Classic When importing images from a card, you can choose to Copy as DNG or simply Copy the files (and then convert to DNG later in your workflow). The reason that I choose to convert my RAW files to DNG after I finish editing my shoot is because I often delete several photographs from a shoot (perhaps as many as 25%) In Bridge wählt Ihr zum Beispiel Datei, Fotos aus Kamera laden. Danach nutzt Ihr die Option In DNG konvertieren. So landen DNG-Dateien auf der Festplatte. Bei Lightroom heißt es Datei, Fotos und Videos importieren. Dann klickt Ihr oben in der Mitte auf die zunächst abgedunkelte Option Als DNG kopieren But now Adobe did announce the DNG Converter Beta 11.1 which does support the Nikon Z6 in a first version. With that tool you are able to convert the NEF-File to a DNG-File which is then supported by Lightroom/Photoshop/Luminar. The DNG Files do support nearly all features you would have with the real RAW-Integration Immer up to date ohne Upgrade: Auch Nutzer älterer Photoshop oder Lightroom-Versionen können ein DNG-Converter-Programm nutzen. Nachteile des DNG-Formats: Zeitaufwand: Die Umwandlung in DNG kostet extra wertvolle Zeit. Kompatibilität mit anderer Software: Mit Adobe funktioniert DNG hervorragend, andere Software kann Probleme machen. Backup von Metadata-Änderungen: Beim Speichern von. Sie können die lcp-Datei für Ihr Objektiv aus DNG Converter kopieren und für Lightroom 6 bereitstellen. Vergrößern In Lightroom 6 finden Sie im Modus Entwickeln rechts unten die Objektivkorrektur..

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Download -> Adobe DNG Converter 13.1 für PC und Mac herunterladen. Anwender von Lightroom können das Update auf die Version 13.1 ab sofort herunterladen: Adobe DNG Converter 13.1 für Windows 7, 8.1 oder 10 herunterladen Dieses Update enthält den Adobe DNG Converter für PCs in Version 13.1. Webseite -> http://www.adobe.com/go/dng_converter_win Adobe DNG Converter . Siehe Adobe DNG Converter und DNG. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Wie Apple Aperture als RAW-Konverter mit den Funktionen einer Bilddatenbank gedacht. Damit weniger ein reiner Raw-Konverter sondern ein mehr oder weniger komplettes Set von Tools welche einen durchgängigen Fotoverarbeitungs-Workflow unterstützen sollen. Der Raw-Konverter basiert gemäß Angaben von Adobe auf der Technologie des pixmantec Raw-Shooter I typically use Adobe DNG to convert my raw files into DNGs for Lightroom processing. I was just able to pick up from Adobe version 13.2 of DNG. I don't have any A1 raw files to test it against but since it just showed up in the last couple of days it might just have A1 support. I'd be interested in hearing if that is the case. M 1. dng komprimiert ist 8/8/8 bit, also genauso wie jpg. Das kann man sehen in Lightroom/Bibliotheksmodul/ Metadaten/dng 2. damit wird der Vergleich und das schlechte Abschneiden des jpg für mich nicht nachvollziehbar. Viele Grüße Han

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Adobe Lightroom 5 DNG-Kopie Importieren oder Adobe DNG Converter Hallo Leute, normalerweise Kopierer ich zuerst denn Ordner von meiner Nikon D5200 DSLR auf die Festplatte und erstelle dann einen weiteren Order für die Konvertierte DNGs, anschließend Wandle ich meine RAW bzw. NEF-Dateien mit den Adobe DNG Converter um dabei habe ich folgende Einstellungen die ich immer nutze mit dem Adobe DNG Converter im Kompatibilität: mit Camera Raw 7.1 und neuer so wie Vorschau/Schnell. Lightroom kann beim Import der Fotos andere RAW-Formate gleich in das DNG-Format konvertieren. Das dauert zwar etwas länger, spart dafür aber auch Platz. Zudem werden alle Entwicklungseinstellungen direkt mit im DNG gespeichert und nicht wie bei herkömmlichen RAW-Dateien in den Sidecar Dateien. Das ist eine zusätzliche Datei zu jeder RAW-Datei mit der Endung .xmp. Das ist. Neue DSLR der neuesten Ausgabe gekauft? Die Verwendung von Lightroom 6 zum Bearbeiten von DNG-Aufnahmen mit diesen Kameras ist sehr riskant und Lightroom 6 ist möglicherweise nicht damit kompatibel. Verwendung von Lightroom 6 mit neuen Kameramodellen - Installieren Sie einfach Adobe DNG Converter und befolgen Sie die in diesem Artikel erläuterten einfachen Schritte RAW konvertieren zu DNG.. The Lightroom Queen explains how to make Lightroom apply lossy or lossless DNG compression to raw files (including DNGs) that are in your photo library: Select the images. (This means LR can only do this one folder at a time.) Go to Library menu > Convert Photos to DNG... [not a memorable command name for this purpose] In the dialog, pick

I want to convert all the photos in my Lightroom catalog to DNG. Should I check the delete originals after successful conversion box? My answer: I delete all the original camera raw files after conversion to DNG but not everyone has so much confidence in DNG vs. native camera raw. The way I see it, DNG stands as good (or better) chance of being supported years in the future than do the. Converting to DNG with Lightroom: You can also convert your files to DNG in Lightroom, here's how: 1. In Lightroom's Library module, select the file(s) that you want to convert. 2. Then, go to Library > Convert Photos to DNG. 3. Choose your options (the default settings are usually a safe bet) and click OK. 4. The file(s) you had selected will now show as DNG files in your Lightroom. When I bring my stills into lightroom the file extension is DNG, but lightroom treats them like a JPEG. The Profille shows as color amd none of the RAW Profiles are available. If I impostr and select copy and convert to DNG Lightroom says thay are not RAW files. Do I have something set wrong somewhere in the camera menus ? I am using Lightroom 7.3 and I have a Phantom 4 Pro and I think my. Figure 2 This video shows how to use Adobe DNG Converter to validate a collection of DNG files. Validation using Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw . The latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw will also perform a validation of DNG files, but neither of these programs makes it easy to validate a large number of files at once. Lightroom will only validate one image at a time in the.

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You can also convert your files to dng in lightroom, here's how: How to import cr2 files into lightroom? Be aware that some information in the.cr2 file is discarded when converted to.dng. Lightroom and pretty much all other converters not provided by a camera maker will take pretty much all file formats, including dng and proprietary formats In den folgenden Schritten wird das Konvertieren vorhandener RAW-Bilder in verlustbehaftetes DNG mithilfe von Lightroom erläutert. Drücken Sie in Lightroom Shift + G Taste zum Aufrufen der Rasteransicht Wählen Sie die Fotos aus, die Sie in DNG konvertieren möchten Gehe zu Library > Convertphotos to DNG ($18 regular price) 37 carefully handcrafted Cinematic Presets for Adobe Lightroom $8.00 Conv PRO - XMP DNG LRTemplate Preset Converte

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